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Physical therapy, or physiotherapy, is the process of promoting health through physical examination and diagnosis. The physical therapists promote health through rehabilitation and disease prevention. They are skilled in the evaluation of injuries and conditions and are trained to help patients achieve and maintain a high level of physical function. A physiotherapist helps patients recover from injuries or develop a new, healthier lifestyle. Here are some of the benefits of this field.

A physiotherapist is trained to diagnose physical disorders and prescribe treatment. They can perform hands-on therapy to relieve pain and tight muscles and can teach a person special exercises to help rehabilitate. They can also help people improve their ability to move and work. A physical therapist can be a referral from a doctor or health care provider. The cost of physical therapy is often covered by insurance. The profession has been gaining traction as one of the best options for a number of medical conditions.

Various Physiotherapy Methods

A physical therapist works with a patient’s body to improve movement, strength, and mobility. A chiropractor uses a different approach, although most physiotherapists are trained in both fields. Using various methods, such as joint manipulation, muscle stretching, and exercises, a physiotherapist helps the patient regain physical ability over time. These methods are usually referred by a doctor. They may be covered by insurance.

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